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Tactical, Hunting and Sport Shotgun - Ultimate Custom

A shotgun is a unique firearm that allows you to use different types of ammunition such as birdshot, buckshots and slugs. The variety of ammo practiced with this type of firearm can cover distances for up to 120 yards (110 meters). Moreover, a shotgun is considered to be a primary firearm for hunting, sports, tactical and defensive shooting.

The right ammo for your shotgun will bring a great deal to the success of a certain task you perform. Learning from your mistakes and experimenting with different brands of ammo at a shooting range should help with selecting the type of ammo that works for your gun. However, taking on a test-drive various brands of shotguns would not give you the whole picture about its working capacity, comfort and reliability. A brand-new shotgun almost never fits perfectly for your tasks and requires custom personalization. Usually, shooters want to have some features that help to operate faster, easier etc. fulfilling individualized expectations. For that reason, customization is the first thing that we have to do with a new shotgun. The gun is perfectly customized when a shooter and a gun become one whole part while performing a task.

That is why we are going to talk about customization of a shotgun. But before we start let's divide all custom parts of a gun into two groups: Basic Custom Parts and Specialized Custom Parts. Making that classification is really important it helps you to figure out where you need to begin your gun personalization process and what parts require more attention.

Also, keeping in mind particular goals, it will show you which tuning is essential for your purposes and which one is not. In addition, we will evaluate and tag with stars score every part for different shooting activities such as: sports shooting, tactical shooting (aka home defense), and hunting. Five stars are the highest level of necessity. It means that the upgrade of this part will bring you significant improvements. One star is the least level of necessity. It means that you likely don't need to customize this part to your concrete purpose (tactical, sports, hunting).

Follow links below and find out all you need to know!


Front Sight — read more

Rear Sight & Vent Rib — read more

Stock — read more

Polishing — coming soon


Magazine — coming soon

Safety — coming soon

Bolt realize button (Semi-automatic only) — coming soon

Bolt handle (Semi-automatic only) — coming soon

Forend (Pump-action only) — coming soon

Flashlight — coming soon

Grip & Stock & Fore-end Surface — coming soon

Side-saddle — coming soon

Sling — coming soon

Match saver — coming soon

One shell holder — coming soon

Pavlo Portianko - competitive shooter and gun expert.