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Shotgun Rear Iron Sight

Iron Rear Sight is the nearest equipment to the breach of a firearm. Rear Sight and Front Sight are working together based on the principle of basic geometry: "Only one line can pass through two given points". To make an accurate shoot you just need to align both a sight and a target on one line.

There are many different types of rear sights. They have various shapes, sizes, materials made from, methods of installation etc. Despite a diversity of Rear Sights, a similarity in their shape is the one thing that they have in common. Rear Sight part always consists of two-point pieces. To make an accurate shoot and perfect shoot you just have to align Front Sight between two-points of Rear Sight.

Next, we are going to take a look at three most common types of Rear Sight: Regular, Flip-Up and Ghost Ring Rear Sight.

Before we go further, there are a couple of words about a non-Rear Sight Shooting that has to be said. I have to admit that I haven't used Rear Sight over my 10 years + competitive shooting experience. I prefer to rely on Vent Rib barrel with Front Sight installed on it. In my opinion, it is a perfect piece of sight equipment because it doesn't block a view and allows to align perfectly a sight and a target. When I'm aiming, I see only what I want to see: my Front Sight and a target.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not against Rear Sight but I believe there should be a solid reason for its installation on a shotgun. For example, if you use a slug as your primary ammo and accuracy is your priority. I would say that Rear Sight, for instance, Flip-Up type, is essential equipment for your gun. On the other hand, when you mainly use bird/buckshot, as I do, Vent Rib as an aiming device, would be a better option for your gun.

Regular Rear Sight

Rear Sight, as well as Front Sight, can be shaped a piece of metal or a light pipe. We reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of these forms in our previous post “Front Sight”. Adjustability feature is an important option for Rear Sight. I recommend using only adjustable Rear Sights because I don’t see the point of using this device with standard settings. Without an option to regulate your Rear Sight you won't have a chance to adapt your shotgun to a particular type of ammunition (slug) and, as a result, achieve consistent accurate aiming. Therefore, when you are buying Rear Sight make sure that it has an option to be adjusted.

Flip-Up Rear Sight

If I would ever decide to use a Rear Sight, I would install a Flip-Up type on my shotgun. I would give a preference to Flip-Up Rear Sight because it easily folds. Using it, I could rely on Vent Rib when I shoot birdshot, what is more than suitable for fast shooting technique, and Flip-Up Rear Sight when I shoot a slug for precise long distance shooting. It has to be said that Italian firearm manufacturer Benelli added a Flip-Up Rear Sight its Benelli M2 SP shotgun package. In my opinion, it is a great addition to a sports gun.

Benelli M2 SP - Speed Perfomance

Ghost Ring Rear Sight

Originally Ghost Ring Rear Sight was designed for shooting a rifle and after a while shotgun shooters borrowed it to shoot a shotgun. Hunters and marksmen, who use slug as their primary ammo, usually give preferences to Ghost Ring Rear Sight among others. Ghost Ring Rear Sight can be adjusted for varied distances for up to 120 yards what allows to show accurate results. For shotgun shooters, I would not suggest considering this Sight. I had this type of Sight on my Mossberg 930 a few years back. After a couple of training, I came to the conclusion that this equipment was not created for the dynamic shooting. It is a waste of time to search for close and relatively close located targets through the Ghost Ring, especially when you shoot birdshot for the most of time. The time spent on aiming with Ghost Ring Rear Sight is unreasonable and doesn't allow you to get a better hit factor in dynamic sports shooting. That is the reason why I am so firm in my opinion: if you are a hunter or a marksman and you rarely shoot birdshot you should consider this type of Rear Sight.

Tactical Rear Sight - LINK      UTG Sub-compact - LINK      Williams Iron Ghost Ring - LINK

Lastly, let's evaluate with stars scores Iron Rear Sight Customization for different shooting activities such as sports shooting, tactical shooting (aka self defence) and hunting.

Considering the fact that Shotgun Rear Sight can significantly improve slug shooting accuracy, hunters should take seriously Rear Sight Customization. I would advise to competitive shooters using customized Rear Sight as additional equipment for slug shooting, preferably Flip-Up Rear type. In my opinion, Red Dot Sight would fit shooters needs better than Rear Sight types we discussed above.

 Pavlo Portianko - competitive shooter and gun expert.