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Hi everyone!

I am happy to welcome you to our website and I hope you will find our posts helpful and entertaining.
First of all, let me start by introducing our shooting team Z&P Group and giving you a glimpse into our shooting lives.

So, let’s get started!

Z&P Group was created by two practicing shooting sports families (Zagyrny’s and Portianko’s) based on shared practical shooting sport principles and as a result of our joint training.



My name is Pavlo and I am a competitive shooter and a gun expert with over eight years of hosting gun-events and competitions, coaching and training development experience.

My first encounter with a firearm had happened in far 2001 when I was studying at the Police Detective Foundation program at the University of Internal Affairs in Ukraine. Shooting discipline was an inherent part of my curriculum there. Upon my graduation, I continued to hone my shooting skills during routine classes at the police department where I was working as a police detective. At that time, a Makarov's handgun was my on-duty weapon. I have to say that my shooting drills were not limited to shooting withonly that particular type of a gun as I did my training with different AK-System rifles too. Passing the Black Badge Course of International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) in 2008 and, at the same time, becoming a member of this Confederation were the next milestones that I reached on my way towards Practical Shooting Sport.

IPSC is the biggest non-Olympic (for now) Sports Shooting Organization with affiliates in over 100 regions all over the World. Competitions under IPSC supervision are held with handguns, rifles and, of course, shotguns. Being a member of IPSC allows you to participate in all competitions that this organization hosts.

Over the years, the Shooting Sport has expended to the Ukrainian community with different organizations and sports clubs being established. With an aspiration in mind to populate shooting sport and responsible gun-practice behaviour, I became a member of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Applied Shooting Sports in 2012 and later, in 2015, I joined the newly created Federation of Practical Shooting in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Shooting School

The year 2013 had become that historic year when Igor Zagurnyi and I continued our shooting sports journey together as a team. It was a year of learning, diving into the shooting discipline and participating in various competitions. The more we explored the shooting field, the more we wanted to work on our shooting skills. Our inspiration and enthusiasm were so strong that our wives couldn’t resist staying asides and joined us at a shooting range.

Shortly after that, I hosted the first series of our customized practical shooting seminar “Dynamic Shotgun”. That was just the beginning of presenting our varied workshops, classes, groups and private training.

Dynamic Shotgun Shooting School

Yet, we didn’t stop on that and developed the unique dry drills course, which is aimed to guide a shooter through shooting discipline by improving his/her physical shape and the magic of shooting art. By the way, all dry drills are accompanied by a short series of instructional videos.

With time going forward, in 2014, I realized that I'd like to continue having the shooting sports in my life and I hoped to blend it with my lifestyle someday. I strived to learn more about guns and I enjoyed sharing my humble knowledge with others. As someone said: "I wanted to throw myself into shooting and guns stuff once and for all".

In the beginning, there were only several shooting seminars/classes that I'd been teaching a couple of sportsmen's groups on my own. Later, we did a whole series of training together with Igor and founded our coaching team Z&P Group. Shortly after that, our wifies who are also competitive shooters (what a surprise! - haha), started assisting at seminars as shooting instructors.

Shooting School Іgor Zagurnyi
Іgor Zagurnyi
Competitive shooter, Vice-champion of the World 2018 Shotgun IPSC, Shooting instructor and guns expert.

Shooting School Iryna Zagurna
Iryna Zagurna
Competitive shooter, Shooting instructor.

Shooting School Iuliia Portianko
Iuliia Portianko
Competitive shooter, Shooting instructor.

Shooting School Pavlo Portianko
Pavlo Portianko
Competitive shooter, Shooting instructor and guns expert.


You'll find a lot of custom tools and useful information to improve your shooting skills. Sign up and try our SHOOTING TRAINING PLANER. It is a great application for organizing individualized dry practice and shooting drills. Follow this link to try it.

Our team designed a piece of unique equipment for dry shooting, ZPG SIMULATOR. Watch this short video to see how it works and how you can benefit from it.

If you would like to buy ZPG SIMULATOR, please, contact us via e-mail:

Shooting School ZPG
Recreational firearm shooting practiceso

Recreational firearm shooting is a blend of competitive and recreational activities. For the most part, it tests shooting accuracy and speed of a shooter. There are different kinds of shooting sports that can be classified by the rules, shooting gear, targets, timing, shooting distances, etc.

There are some of the shooting disciplines/sports:

Practical shooting is a kind of action or dynamic shooting. Practical shooters are trying to blend in their performance three main principles (accuracy, speed, and power) by using a firearm of a specified minimum power factor to get as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time.

Defensive (tactical) shooting is subspecies of the practical shooting. The main idea of Tactical shooting is to simulate real or potentially real-world confrontations. Courses of Tactical shooting simulate scenarios where you would be forced into using your gun to protect yourself.

Clay target shooting is recreational and competitive activity where shooters, using shotguns, try to break flung clay targets. There are three main groups of Clay Target Shooting that exist nowadays, such as Sporting clays, different kinds of Skeet (including Olympic Skeet) and Trap Shooting.

Running target shooting cover is many targeted shooting competitions and amateur events that involve shooting targets that are imitating running animals (boar, moose, deer, etc).

Long-range shooting is a common name for rifle shooting where participants have to engage targets at such long distances that they have to think about ballistics, especially those created by wind and gravity.

Metallic silhouette shooting is a collection of shooting disciplines that involves shooting at steel game animals at differing distances. This kind of shooting can be done with modern handguns or rifles as well as black-powder firearms.

Cowboy shooting is a type of multi-gun competition where shooters use a combination of handguns, rifles, and old guns such as single-action revolvers. Competitors usually dress in an appropriate theme or era costumes (Wild West, Cowboy Style).

Muzzleloading is the shooting activity of firing muzzleloading guns. Muzzleloading is originated in the United States in the The 1930s, just when the last original users and producers of muzzleloading guns were dying out. The game got a great boost in the 1960s and 1970s.

Plinking or just a fun shooting is an informal type of shooting for enjoyment. Plinkers typically use a non-standard target such as tin cans, bottles, or any other handmade or naturally occurring targets.

As it might be seen, the recreational shooting includes numerous different disciplines and activities. Some of them are a pure form of competitive sports where participants strive tight to fight and win. While others are an excellent and fun way to spend time outdoors with your friends and family. Nowadays, gun-owners have a bunch of choices that depend on their tastes and personalities.

Shooting School ZPG