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Shooting Training Process

Shooting Training Process

In this publication, we open up a series of articles, where we will try to discus the topic of the shooting training process organization.

Start planning the season with the competition you wish to visit in mind. All significant competitions are usually announced at the beginning of the year, so it is not too difficult to plan participation in such matches.

The next step is to schedule the shooting training and competitions in the new season.

As regards to ZPG, we plan to participate in all national matches in practical shooting and several foreign competitions, including the Baer Cup (Czech Republic), Polish Championship and Open Central European Championship (Hungary). As regards to national competitions, the major match is, certainly, the Championship of Ukraine.

As for the calendar beginning of shooting training, we typically start after winter holidays, that would be sometime in February, as the body needs to rest after the last season. The tiredness from shooting can completely discourage taking up arms.

Then we see when the first game of the season, in which we plan to participate, is held. In our case, it would be the first stage of the Cup of Ukraine on March 19, 2016. Since we train once or twice a week, we have at least 6 classes prior to the first competition.

At the beginning of the season, it is important to update the basic static skills gradually and to repeat the main shooting elements. Therefore, about 4 classes will be focused on the basic static elements, such as wheel carrying the fire, carrying the fire to various distances, hitting targets through the ports and from behind the cover, static loading of the weapons, and moving targets. Two classes will be devoted to updating dynamic skills, including elements such as loading weapons in dynamic motion, holding a gun and moving forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right. Maybe, there will be something else, but we are going to discuss it in the following publications.

So, the first match of the season. The importance of the first tournament cannot be overestimated, since your subsequent training process will depend on how you pass it. Therefore, you must pass it responsibly and consciously, without haste, technically correctly and carefully. After the winter break you may have forgot something, your reflexes and muscle memory may not work the way they worked at the end of the previous season. Consider all this and do not set yourself back.

A bit of advice. Try to record all your shooting stages on video, it will help you to analyze errors and identify elements requiring extra practice.

Once you have passed the first match of the season, studied the exercise and your performance, you can plan (adjust) the subsequent training process. The work on mistakes made in the previous competition is one of the main methods in our training process. On one hand, we have the basic plan (schedule) of training. On another hand however, we adjust the same schedule continuously after every match, where we found some weakness in our training.

If the topic is interesting for you, please, write your comments below and we will continue to answer your questions in our publications.