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Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are one of the most important equipment for shooters. We have used a lot of different types of glasses and almost all of them have some imperfections. In our experience we formed four basic requirements for shooting glasses. Nowadays, when we choose new glasses, we always think about these four requirements

Say No to No-name

We never buy shooting glasses from unknown brands. The fact is that no-name brands sometimes use substandard materials instead of polycarbonate. Cheap plastic glasses can't protect your eyes from fast flying elements. Although branded shooting glasses are more expensive than other types, we think that our eyes deserve more than saving a couple of bucks. So, forget about no-name brands

You Are a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake

We always try on glasses before purchasing. Every person has a unique shape of head, face, eyes and ears. That's why the same shooting glasses could be very comfortable for one and completely uncomfortable for another. So, if you chose glasses in a store, it is necessary to try them on first. By the way, it would be better, if you tried them on together with shooting headphones. In point of fact, temple tips of shooting glasses could painfully press into your head. Don't forget about it.

Color My World

Common colors of lenses are yellow, red or orange, black and clear. Every type has a particular effect. For example yellow lenses apply more contrast to objects, black lenses block brightest lights, etc. However in our opinion it would be better if you start with clear shooting glasses and try others types step by step. At the same time, a lot of glasses have a few removable lenses. This is a good idea for shooters who want to have a full assortment of lenses.

Made to Measure

Shooting glasses have to be suitable for your activity. Make sure that your glasses don't shift during movement. Some models of shooting glasses have special shape of temple tips or a little belt. Pay close attention to the top of your glasses, this part shouldn't interfere with your view. Glass frame should be sturdy and durable.

These are main recommendations. At the same time, conditions for using shooting glasses may be different. That's why you might wont to have additional requirements.

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