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| category: Guns and equipment

Shooting Glasses

Scratch on the right lens of the shooting glasses

Shooting glasses is one of the most important things in gear of any shooter. In practical shooting, which is associated with continuous movement, the comfortable glasses may determine the outcome of the exercise. The glasses which are not fixed to the face securely, or partially overlap the horizon, etc. can significantly impair your results.

However, we’ll talk not about the range and selection criteria for glasses, and about their storage.

High-quality shooting glasses is not only useful, but also an expensive thing. So, I try to handle them with care so as not to damage the lens or the overall design. But still, occasionally, my glasses are damaged and I have to buy new ones.

Earlier, when I treated glasses less responsibly, the broke more frequently, and I had to change them more than once a year. However, recently I tried to operate my new glasses very carefully. I have always placed them in extra cover before putting in the main case, I have never put them anywhere without cover, wiped them with special cloth only and etc.

And indeed, I could wear them for almost a year. However, recently I saw a clear scratch on the right lens. It was not a scuffmark, but a scratch such as those which occur when the lens contact with sold environmental objects.

I wondered where I could damage my lens, because I haven’t left my glasses anywhere. After I thought about this question, I remembered that some glasses which I had before, and then damaged, also had a damage on the right lens.

Unless you have guessed why, I will tell you. This scratch and, probably, scratches on a number of previous glasses resulted from falling of the shot outputs through the receiver window of my gun, because it is located in close proximity to the right lens of the glasses.

So if you have a similar problem, you know the secret of scratches on the right lens.