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| category: Practical shooting

Safety Area

Safety area in the match of practical shooting

At first glance, the question seems trivial and thus does not need coverage is a separate article. However, we assure you that this it is not so, and safety area (SA) plays an important role in the successful competition of practical shooting.

SA is somewhat similar to the idle exercise. That is, SA, just as idle exercise, is a kind of thing, the importance of which no one denies on the one hand, but few people pay it due attention, on the other.

Most of participants before the match are focused on warming up and stand in line at the Hot Range. Meanwhile, almost always no one stays in the SA, and the fact is that most of what you intend to do in HR can be done in SA.

First let’s analyze what you can practice in SA before the start of the match.

In addition to weapon maintenance, in SA you can have an almost complete idle warm up (“almost” is because it is prohibited to take cartridges, even blank ones, in the SA). The fact is that 5 to 10 minutes of handling there gun in the SA will “remind” your muscles, hands and body how the gun is held, how the manipulations and movement are carried with it etc.

A small list of what can be practiced in SA is as follows:

  1. targeting, tabbing, shot imitation;

  2. imitation of starting positions # 1, 2, 3;

  3. moving with weapons to the left, right, forward, backward, followed by tabbing;

  4. moving with charge imitation and subsequent tabbing;

  5. bottom port;

  6. manipulation with a weapon when opening and activating something during the match.

Such a work in SA can be more useful than the “warm-up” in the HR, since, as a rule, there are few people in the SA, and nobody will interfere you. Also, in contrast to HR, there is much more place to simulate movement in the SA. The elements practiced in this way will allow you to feel more confident during the first exercise and will reduce your pre-match excitement due to active physical work.

This is about how and why you should visit SA prior to the match. Now let’s analyze how you can use the SA during the match of practical shooting.

Not often, but still sometimes there are elements at the contests, which are rarely practiced during the training, or even never practiced. The classic example is shooting with a weak hand, but there may be others.

So, if such an element occurs, you may practice it in the SA, which will allow you to perform this element much better during the exercise. Actually, you can practice in the SA virtually anything, if you do not quite understand/remember the technique.

The main thing when working in the SA is not to hurry. Your task is to remind the body how to perform certain actions and not just run with the weapon. Practice everything at an average pace, focusing on the important issues, such as fixing the weapon while moving, charging imitation, time of targeting and shooting, and so on.

Finally, we want to warn and advise you to leave ALL your cartridges outside the SA, since touching cartridges in the SA is a peremptory disqualification from the match of practical shooting.