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Practical Shooting

What is practical shooting ?

How an average person can tell “practical shooting or IPSC” from other shooting disciplines.

If you want to get a complete and detailed information on the practical shooting, visit the official page of the International Confederation of Practical Shooting and there you will find a detailed information on this subject.

If you do not like to read a lot and just want to know the essence in a nutshell, then read on.

In order to understand what IPSC is, we suggest first dividing the world of shooting into two conventional parts, classic shooting and dynamic shooting.

Let’s assign all kinds of shooting associated with static target hit without time consideration, i.e. bullet shooting, trap shooting, sporting and other disciplines, to classic shooting. In short, these are the types of shooting with which the concept of shooting sports is commonly associated.

Skeet shooting




If you understand what a classic shooting is, remember that these disciplines are not related to practical shooting. And when your friend tells you that he goes in for practical shooting, do not ask him questions like “So you are shooting at Frisbees?”.

No, not at Frisbees.

Now let’s find out what kinds of dynamic shooting exist. To explain vividly, one can say that when shooting competition looks like a Counter-Strike, and the participants are running about shooting venues simulating the buildings, fences and office spaces, while quickly hitting the metal and paper targets of various designs, you are surely at a dynamic shooting challenge (IPSC, 3GNation, IDPA, UFPS, etc.).

Now let’s try to separate the IPSC from other types of dynamic shooting. Again, let’s not resort to boring details, but try to explain it so that it was clear to every common man.

So, practical shooting it, so to speak, the sportiest type of competition in all dynamic disciplines. It means that at the competition in practical shooting you won’t see the body armour, helmets and other similar equipment. The participants prefer sportswear and footwear. Besides, usually one type of weapon only, a gun or pistol or rifle, is used during the competition.



It’s a Practical shooting