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Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP

Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP – what to choose


Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP – it’s a really difficult choose.

Reservation. We have chosen Benelli quite a long time ago. But we did not choose between these two guns, because Beretta simply did not exist then. So let’s try to approach this question as objectively as possible, since we do not rule out that, perhaps, one day you may see us with Beretta.

Let’s begin.

This is question No. 1 at shooting forums: What do I choose, “gun model No. 1” OR “gun model No. 2”? Very often this question is applied to choosing between two models of semi-automatic shotguns, Benelli and Beretta.

If you are truly looking for a definite answer to this question, we warn you, that you won’t find it in this article. You will not find a classic overview of these gun characteristics in this publication either. However, if you just want to hear our opinion on this matter, we will try to analyze the main pros and cons of each model and conduct a kind of competition between these guns.

Criterion # 1: reliability

Evaluating such a property of the weapon as reliability and durability, we must say that there is no definite answer yet, as we’ve been operating Benelli successfully since 2010, and the first Beretta COMP 1301 was produced only in 2012.

Therefore, as you know, it is too early to say which of these guns will expire first, because the gun barrel wear on our first Benelli far exceeded 30,000 shots, and Beretta is still far away from such figures. Only time will answer this question reliably.

Thus, we have no winers in this category, but the fact that Benelli has a good reputation in practical shooting for over 5 years gives it a statistical advantage in this round.


Criterion # 2: “omnivorism”

This is the second characteristic which both new and experienced gun owners are trying to find out. During operation of our Benelli, we found and removed a number of problems related to incorrect automatic operation. These problems were both real, i.e. had a technical reason, and imaginary, since we were the cause, not the weapon.

As for the work of our Benelli, we used to deal with such cartridges as Hunt Master 32, Practice 30, Rio 32, Cheddite Tordo 32, Nobel Sport 28, Olympus 28, B&P Competition 28, B&P MBL 30, Hunt Pro 28. This is not a complete list of cartridges, which we used while handling Benelli.

And all of these cartridges worked in our shotguns quite reliably, but sometimes the automatic system failed. However, it should be noted that these failures were related to the quality of cartridges (production defects) or to some minor technical problems of the gun (interceptor depreciation, container spring weakening, etc.), or with wrong actions on our behave. After these conditions were eliminated, all above cartridges continued to work correctly with Benelli automatics.

So we can’t call Benelli a gun without defects or shortcomings from the technical point of view, but we can say that today our guns are quite stable and predictable. However, we must remember that Benelli is a semi-automatic shotgun of inertia type. That is the weapon which likes accurate and reliable hold.

As for Beretta, this gun is devoid of that characteristic feature of all inertial guns, since the automatics are based on the gas removal system designed to recharge the weapon. This allows Beretta to use even broken and abnormal shells. Therefore, this semi-automatic is more suitable for those who are not accustomed to continuous monitoring of rack and tab. Besides, a softer impact of the shot is an added bonus of gas removal.

Therefore, in the category of omnivorism of Beretta wins, because the gas removal system a priori is more robust than the inertial system.

Criterion # 3: "usability and maintenance"

Usability is a concept, which is associated exclusively with subjective feelings of the user. The gun fits into your hands or doesn't, that’s the fact which doesn’t need to be proved.

We would only say that these guns are completely different externally and fit the hand differently. However, on the other hand, the two guns are a unique work of weapon art of talented designers, and each of them is attractive in its own way.

Basic equipment of each gun requires a certain adjustment to the needs of practical shooting. If we take the weapons, as they say, “out of the box”, Beretta is ready for practical shooting, since it has an oversized bolt release button and an enlarged safety lock. However, the number of accessories issued specifically for Benelli tuning allows not only to catch up, but also to surpass the competitor. In any case, if we speak about serious shooting exercises, each of these guns will have very little to do with their stock versions.

Now, let’s consider maintenance. Here Benelli M2 is a certain winner, which, due to simplicity of design, can be cleaned literally in 5 minutes. We sometimes think that Benelli M2 was designed for shooters who do not like to clean weapons. Therefore, Benelli wins round #3.

So, summing up this analysis, we establish the draw in our competition. That’s why we congratulate all owners of Benelli M2 and Beretta 1301 COMP.

I would to add that if you can’t decide between the two guns for over a week – we recommend you to toss a coin and move from theory to practice.