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Shooting School Survey

Shooting School Survey | категорія: Others

The Shooting School invites you to answer our survey! Our company was established by professional athletes and shooting instructors engaged in practical shooting for over 8 years. Our students are athletes and gun owners, and according to their needs we prepare a customized programs which provides trainings to assist them in achieving the...
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Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses | категорія: Others

Shooting glasses are one of the most important equipment for shooters. We have used a lot of different types of glasses and almost all of them have some imperfections. In our experience we formed four basic requirements for shooting glasses. Nowadays, when we choose new glasses, we always think about these four requirements Say No to...
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Game Plan in Practical Shooting

Game Plan in Practical Shooting | категорія: Practical shooting

Game Plan in Practical Shooting Game Plan (GP) is the way you perform and act on a particular stage. It means, how you plan to move around the stage, the order in which you hit your targets, when and how you should load your gun, etc. In other words, it's all your actions on the stage between a starting signal and your last shot. Your...
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Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses | категорія: Guns and equipment

Scratch on the right lens of the shooting glasses Shooting glasses is one of the most important things in gear of any shooter. In practical shooting, which is associated with continuous movement, the comfortable glasses may determine the outcome of the exercise. The glasses which are not fixed to the face securely, or partially overlap the...
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HOT RANGE | категорія: Practical shooting

HOT RANGE before the match of practical shooting During the past few years, arrangement of pre-match Hot Range (HR) has become a traditional event for competitions in practical shooting. However, is it important to visit the HR before the game and what to do there? So, let us think what you can actually do in the HR? I can think of the...
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Safety Area

Safety Area | категорія: Practical shooting

Safety area in the match of practical shooting At first glance, the question seems trivial and thus does not need coverage is a separate article. However, we assure you that this it is not so, and safety area (SA) plays an important role in the successful competition of practical shooting. SA is somewhat similar to the idle exercise. That...
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Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP

Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP | категорія: Guns and equipment

Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP – what to choose   Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 COMP – it’s a really difficult choose. Reservation. We have chosen Benelli quite a long time ago. But we did not choose between these two guns, because Beretta simply did not exist then. So let’s try to approach this question as...
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Clothing for Practical Shooting

Clothing for Practical Shooting | категорія: Guns and equipment

Proper clothing for shooting. Where to go? To sports or military store? We think that the issue of clothing and footwear for practical shooting is quite interesting, because the very practical shooting is a phenomenon at the crossroads of the world of sports and the world of applied shooting disciplines. So where to go shopping? To a...
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Shooting Training Process

Shooting Training Process | категорія: Shooting training

Shooting Training Process In this publication, we open up a series of articles, where we will try to discus the topic of the shooting training process organization. Start planning the season with the competition you wish to visit in mind. All significant competitions are usually announced at the beginning of the year, so it is not too...
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