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Welcome to the Shooting School!

Unless you came across our blog by chance, then you either wish to learn how to use guns, or are generally interested in shooting.
Stay with us, it is going to be interesting and fun.

So, let's see what the Shooting School is.

First, let us introduce ourselves , and we will tell you why we created this blog.

Our names are Paul and Igor. We are professional athletes and we have been engaging in practical shooting for many years. We have taken part in many competitions starting from club matches to the World Championships in Practical Shooting.

Shooting School

Also, we are working as shooting instructors. Our students are athletes and ordinary gun owners. Depending on the needs of the individual, we prepare a shooting training program. We also conduct trainings and help our students to achieve the desired results.

However, since 2015, the number of people who want to train in our groups has grown so much that we cannot satisfy everyone. We are unable to increase the number of training sessions and seminars, as we dedicate a lot of time to our own shooting training.

Shooting School

That is why we decided to create this website and to shift a part of training of our clients online. Also, via collaboration with our students, we are able to approach the development of every person more closely and in greater detail. Now we are working at creating several training programs, which we will reveal in January 2018.

Besides this, we share our own sport experiences and talk about our trainings and competitions in which we participated.

That’s all, by and large. Stay with us, if you want to improve your shooting skills or are interested in discussing the weapon issues.

Best Regards, Igor Zagurniy & Paul Portianko